Magnus Supplements

What we do

There is a simple answer. It's sports nutrition. But to be able to say proudly this sentence, we have gone through long-term development, testing and testing in laboratories before we created the first product.
Our goal is not to have a wide portfolio of products. We are going through quality rather than quantity. In the development of others, we continue and bring new ones that correspond to the latest scientific research.

For whom

The whole vision is built on the idea of ​​bringing to market products that are not only effective and purely commercial. As active athletes, supporters of many sports disciplines without narrow focus on just one type of sport, we create products for all active lifestyle followers. For those who know that they are better at sports, if you give your body the right nutrients at the right time.

Own development and production

We produce the products in our own plant. This ensures 100 percent control over each step, including the quality of input raw materials. Individual products are produced with high technology.
We have our own development department that constantly develops and tests new products, or improves recipe for the latest scientific research.


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